Terms and conditions

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1. Any person wishing to conclude a car rental contract must present the original ID card or passport for persons of another nationality and the driving license, both valid for the entire period of the car rental contract. The driver’s license must be at least 2 years old after obtaining Category B. There will be no car rental agreements with customers who have evidence of a replacement driving license. Both the identity card and the driving license must still be valid
at least 3 (three) months after the conclusion of the lease.
2. Every person who rents the vehicle must have a minimum age of 21 years and have a driving license of at least 2 years old the conclusion of the contract with SWISO RENT A CAR.
3. The person who rents the vehicle must state at the time of signing the contract the name and surname of the person / persons who will drive the vehicle during the period of the lease, and the client is not relieved of liability.
4. The use of the rented property by others other than those specified in the contract is strictly forbidden.
5. The payment of the car rental service will be made at the moment of signing the rental contract and / or at the moment of taking over the car by the customer. Also, the client has the possibility to make payment in the bank account of SWISO RENT A CAR by bank transfer in advance so that the money can be collected before the customer takes over the vehicle. In the case of online payments using bank cards, the security and validity of card authentication will be confirmed by the electronic payment processor. Transactions are made exclusively through online computerized systems, under the highest security standards offered by the platform, providing anti-fraud filters to all online transactions. No customer card information will be stored on the SWISO RENT A CAR servers. It is accepted to pay debit bank cards, debit cards with overdraft or credit cards issued under the MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron logo. The electronic payment processor is MOBILPAY.
6. The payment will be made in Lei at the course displayed on the site, in the Useful Information / Currency Exchange section. Upon receipt of the vehicle, the customer will sign a lawsuit delivery-receipt verbal which will contain the exact description of the vehicle’s condition. Upon return, the client has the duty to deliver the vehicle under the same conditions as received.
7. When signing the car rental contract, the customer has the obligation to pay a warranty, depending on the type of rental car. The warranty varies between 250 and 450 euros, depending on the class of the car and can be paid in cash or can be retained on the card at the time the car is taken over. For Audi cars, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, Dacia Duster, the guarantee is 450 euros. Franchise (liability) – in the event of an accident due to the customer’s fault, is from 250 euros to 450 euros, depending on the type of rental car. For Audi cars, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, Dacia Duster, franchise (liability) – in the event of an accident due to the customer is 450 euros.
8. The minimum rental period is 3 days.
9. The rented vehicle can not be used for towing other vehicles or vehicles, for transporting the goods and / or persons, for participating in competitions, rallies or other such activities.
10. Sub-rental of the vehicle is forbidden.
13. The rental agreement will be renewed only with SWISO RENT A CAR’s written consent (including fax, e-mail). The extension of the rental period will be only after the advance payment of the rental services for the extension period. The extension of the rental period is strictly prohibited under conditions other than those specified. Otherwise, the owner of the vehicle reserves the right to notify any incident to the public order authorities.

14. The Customer has the obligation to notify at least 12 hours in advance, in writing (including fax, e-mail), any delay in the delivery of the vehicle. It’s allowed one hour delay in delivery of the vehicle. Any delay of 1 (one) – 3 (three) hours, unannounced in advance, shall be charged 50% of the tariff set for a rental day of the respective vehicle and for more than 3 (three) hours of delay the fee practiced for a day of rental of the vehicle in question.
15. The delivery and return of the vehicle will be made at the date and time indicated by the customer and accepted by the owner, between 08:00 and 19:00 (Monday to Sunday) at the company’s headquarters. Delivery and / or return of the vehicle at a different time and at a destination other than those specified will be subject to the owner’s agreement.
16. Violation of traffic rules, fines and parking fees, pox taxes, highway fees, is the strict responsibility of the customer and will be fully borne by the client.

17. In the case of an accident, it is mandatory to declare it to the Police, which will find the damages and will issue the Minutes and the Authorization Repairs. These documents are indispensable for the operation of the insurance and the repair of the vehicle. The statement to the Police is mandatory in all cases: if you are guilty, if you are the victim, if you are alone involved, if the responsible party is not identified (eg parking damage in your absence). Without these documents, the customer is responsible for repair costs.
18. If these conditions are not met, an additional warranty may be required to be determined according to the amount of the damage, which is reimbursed only upon return of the car in good working condition and bodywork, with all the documents, accessories and equipment in the equipment.
19. SWISO RENT A CAR does not assume responsibility for vehicle fleet fluctuation. The actual reservation of the rental car is considered after confirmation by a SWISO RENT A CAR representative by email or telephone.
20. Premium cars can not be rented by people under the age of 25.
21. For non-prepaid reservations, the customer may cancel or change a reservation up to 48 hours before the car is delivered.
Changing a reservation is made without penalty. Cancellation of a reservation DOES NOT be charged. For prepaid bookings, the customer can cancel or change a reservation up to 48 hours before the car is delivered. Changing a reservation is made without penalty.
If the payment is made, the cancellation of the reservation does not imply the return of the money.
22. Any dispute arising out of the “Terms and Conditions” will be settled by the competent courts of SWISO RENT A CAR.

Terms and conditions
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