Rent a car services in Bucharest non stop

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Swiso rent a car dispune de o gama vasta de masini la orice ora indiferent de anotimp

Enjoy our non stop car rental service in Bucharest

Renting a car has become a common practice today, especially for those who do not have their own car or for those who want their trips and organized group tours. Each of these events requires a safe and accessible means of transport and we can meet you with new things such as: a car park just supplemented with new cars that will facilitate your travel and also with those smarter deals perfectly tailored to the season.

Starting from 6 euros per day, you can benefit from a clean car with up-to-date documents and low consumption so you have nothing else to do but enjoy traveling, adventures and stories told with your dear dear friends. In other words, most people still do not realize the benefits of traveling in a group of friends, especially with the help of powerful cars, ideal for trips inside and outside the country.

Do not leave what you can do today! Swiso has the car that you need all you have to do is call us: +40 757.088.804. Still not decided? Here’s what I’ve prepared for you:


Travel more this seazon with the best car rental service in Bucharest

Indrazneste mai mult vara aceasta cu cel mai sigur serviciu de inchirieri auto

Often, car hire specialists say there is no time to lose to choose a car, the aim is to ensure a constant and safe, comfortable ride in accordance with a relatively small fuel consumption, so it is the perfect car for hiking and adventure.

In other words, the choice of the car is more in keeping with the desires, the purpose of each group or families starting on the journey. Whatever the choice or vacation time, it is certain that Swiso offers 24/7 car rental services, non – stop advice, and the extremely flexible delivery service. However, who does not want a beach holiday alongside the most equipped and safe cars we offer?


Winter is not like summer! At Swiso, you can find rental cars equipped for this season

La Swiso gasesti masini de inchiriat echipate corespunzator acestui anotimp

Have you thought of going to the mountains or visiting relatives in different parts of the country? Then you will definitely want to visit the city in the detective, looking for fun. In the first phase before putting the country on track, you need to consider a few details. Number of people you want to join? What distance will you parachute, roughly? How many days will your holiday take and how many luggage do you need to take with you? One thing you’re sure of at Swiso is that you can find rental cars for you!

We would like to mention that our company is oriented towards the satisfaction and safety of its customers, so we recommend one of the most demanding models such as Dacia Dustler, which can be rented for a price starting from 27.74 euro / day. The car is powerful, spacious, multifunctional and you can rely on the long road, even on rugged roads. With a luggage compartment, baggage will not be a problem if you opt for this model.

If you’ve been thinking about more comfort and have a great distance, Ford Mondeo is a good choice. Very spacious for both passengers and luggage, Ford Mondeo has many facilities such as: air conditioning, radio cd, airbags, or electrically heated seats and mirrors, this model being leased for just 23.74 euros per day. Do not sit down, choose intelligent now call Swiso!


Opt in for car rental service at great holiday prices

Opteaza pentru serviciul de inchirieri masini la preturi exceptionale de sarbatori

Nothing can be nicer than spending your moments with family and friends and feeling close to your loved ones. During holidays, be it New Year, Easter, Children’s Day, St. Andrew’s Pentecost, Christmas, and the list can continue, these feelings grow and the beautiful moments spent with them in past years make you feel more and want to have them around this time of the year. Nothing should prevent you from meeting your loved ones, seeing your family, or giving them unforgettable moments by just your presence around them.

SWISO Rent A Car Bucharest provides you with a simple, easy-to-rent rental system. With a newly-parched car fleet recently, with the sign you can find the car that you want or need during the holiday season. All you have to do is book online or phone and think about your family and the friends you will meet. Reservation services are available NON-STOP .

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Rent a car services in Bucharest non stop
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