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Privacy Policy on cookies on the website

Cookies – what are their advantages
Our website uses cookies – almost all sites are using – to give you the best browsing experience. An “Internet Cookie” (also known as “cookie browser” or “HTTP cookie” or simply “cookie”) is a small text file that will be stored on a computer, mobile terminal or other user equipment on which the Internet is accessed.
Our cookies help us to:
Maintain the site in the expected state of operation;
Remember your preferences during the visit and between visits;
Increase site speed / security;
Allow you to share pages on social networks such as Facebook;
Continuously improve our site for users;
Streamline marketing activities (which ultimately help us deliver our services at the prices we offer).
We DO NOT use cookies to:
Collect personal data (without your prior express permission)
Collect sensitive information (without your express prior permission)
Pass the identification data to third parties
Pay sales commissions
More about the cookies we use can be found below.
Agreement on the use of cookies
If the settings on the software you use to view our site (your browser) are configured to accept cookies, we will consider this as well as continuing to navigate our site as an agreement of you use cookies. If you want to delete or stop using cookies on our site, you can find out how to do it below; however, this meant that our site would not work as you would expect.
More about our cookies
We use cookies to make the website work, including:
Retain your search preferences;
Remember if you agree to our terms and conditions;
Allows you to add comments on our site;
There is no way to prevent these cookies from being recorded, except by stopping navigation on our site.

Cookies for social networks
In order to be able to click on “Like” or to share our content on Facebook and Twitter, we included on our site buttons that facilitate these actions.
Our cookies are set by:
Facebook – Privacy
Google +  Privacy 
Twitter – Privacy
Data privacy implications will vary from one social network to another social network and will depend on the privacy settings you have chosen on these networks.

Cookies for anonymous visitors analysis
We use cookies to generate visitor statistics like: how many people visited our site, what type of technology they used (for example, Mac or Windows, which help us identify when the site does not work as for some technologies), how long they spent on our site, what pages they visited, etc. These data allow us to continuously improve our site. These programs, called “analytics,” inform us anonymously about how visitors have arrived on this site (for example, from search engines) and whether they have visited us, which helps us invest more much in the development of our services than in marketing expenses.

Cookies for advertising
Cookies are commonly used in Internet advertising. Neither we nor our advertising agencies nor our advertising partners can extract personal information from these cookies.
You can find out more about online advertising by visiting You can stop using most of your advertising cookies by going to and we prefer not to do this, as online advertising allows for free Internet access. We mention that refusing or disabling cookies does not mean that you will not receive online advertising anymore, but that it will no longer be able to keep your preferences and interests in mind.
DoubleClick – Privacy by Google

Remarketing cookies
You may notice that sometimes after visiting a site, you see a large number of ads coming from the site you just visited. This is because companies, including us, pay for these ads. These actions are possible with cookies, so we may place “remarketing cookies” during your visit. There is no need to worry: we can not contact you proactively because the entire process takes place anonymously. You can refuse or stop accessing these cookies at any time by following the instructions below.
Disable the use of cookies
You can normally disable the use of cookies by adjusting your browser preferences to stop accepting cookies. However, disabling and refusing to receive cookies may limit the functionality of our site and most of the websites on the internet as cookies are a basic component of modern websites.
Learn how to allow or deny cookies using your browser:
Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookies settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari
The information presented in this text was derived from the content of Attack Internet Marketing, an Edinburgh marketing agency. If you need similar content for your site, you can use the free cookie auditing application.

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